•   Builders Association of MN

    Top 10 Reasons to be a Builders Association of MN Member

    Membership delivers value for your business and bottom line, and it’s a 3-for-1 deal giving your company 3 times the benefit.

    Number 10. Legislative Wins
    Every year the government tries to make changes to the way you do business. That’s where we come in. BAM is at the State Capitol and has been for over 35 years. Together we are 3,000 member businesses, which means our voice at the Capitol is Strong. We’ve successfully fought countless harmful bills over the years. BAM members meet year round to decide what to fight and what to promote for business and the industry.

    Number 9. Code Wins
    Every three to six years the government gives us a new building code. Thankfully, BAM combs through the proposed codes and fights for safe, durable, and affordable housing. Your BAM membership buys you a seat at the codes table. We’re there fighting for you and we’re good too.

    Number 8. Legal Protection and Legal Wins
    “You can’t handle the truth!” (Actually we know you can.) Court decisions impact your business, and just one can radically change your insurance rates or flip the home warranty around. Enter BAM. Your membership means we’ve got your back. BAM has a legal fund to fight member battles that affect the whole state. Members make decisions about which cases to take on, and we have a darn good track record.

    Number 7. Discounts
    Cha ching! A cool part of BAM membership is the discounts on stuff you use! Members have access to discounts on fuel at Holiday and office supplies at Office Depot as well as a 22% discount on your Verizon plan. You can take that savings straight to the bank! We have a rebate program that gives you money back and we haven’t even talked about the perks at your local and national associations! These awesome savings can more than pay for your annual membership. Sold!

    Number 6. Quality, Affordable Insurance
    Are you covered? The residential construction industry requires special insurance coverage. As a BAM member you have access to high quality, discounted coverage from The Builders Group for workers’ comp and from Corporate Four for general liability.

    Number 5. Contracts
    Don’t waste your hard earned money and your precious time creating your company contracts. BAM has it taken care of! We have six quality contract templates available for download for members-only. Drafted by attorneys that specialize in residential construction, and updated when the law changes, these contracts are available in word and pdf so you can download and edit the contracts right on your computer. These contracts are worth over $10,000. That’ll pay for your membership for years to come!

    Number 4. Code Guides
    When the government puts out a new code, we get the language but they don’t tell you HOW to build to it. BAM does. For members only we put together detailed code guides – written by experts – so you know exactly how to build to the new code. This is one of our most popular resources, downloaded the most by members. Make sure you’re a member – the new code’s a comin’ in 2014!

    Number 3. Information, the 411, the skinny
    In addition to discounts, having your back, fighting for you, and providing tools and resources you need to do your job well… (wow that’s a lot!)… BAM membership also means information! We make sure you’re in the know! Giving you the deets on what’s happening in the industry, the economy, at the Capitol, and right here at BAM. We’re tweeting, blogging, posting on facebook, emailing, writing white papers, and more

    Number 2. Get Some Action
    Membership means getting in on it. You get:

    Influence. Make decisions about real issues that affect your business including laws and codes that govern the industry. BAM has several working committees on which members can serve. These committees make important decisions and we want YOU!

    Leadership Training. In committees, on the BAM Board and the Executive Committee you get leadership training. Making decisions for 3,000 member businesses takes leadership. Interested?

    Political education. At the Capitol it’s all about politics, and this is not a drill – it’s the real deal. It’s messy, and awesome, and one of the coolest parts of being an American. “What can you do for your country?” (and industry)

    Networking. Each year BAM holds events drawing statewide attendance. Our Day at the Capitol (free for members) during session allows you to talk with your legislators and fellow members. All BAM events give you the chance to meet some new peeps, learn something new, and grow your business – it’s all possible with BAM membership.

    And the NUMBER ONE REASON to join the Builders Association of Minnesota is UNITY
    The residential construction industry is a huge economic driver for the State economy. We contribute $1.3 billion annually in income for Minnesota residents and more than 19,000 jobs. BAM – as the state association – is a collaboration of all 13 local associations across our great state. We exist because we know we’re stronger together.

    Membership means being the voice of the industry at the State Capitol, the regulatory agencies, and in the courts. And membership means banding together as a collective to work for a better industry, a better economy, and a better state.

  •   National Association of Home Builders

    NAHB Membership Benefits

    NAHB members get the very best information, advocacy, education and networking opportunities in their Three-In-One Membership! When you join your local association, you automatically become a full member at the state and the national levels. That’s three memberships for the price of one. NAHB offers plenty of resources to help each member make the most of this investment and connect with the benefits that they value the most. What’s inside membership…

    Government Services and Programs (Advocacy, Legal Services, BuildPAC) to help you defeat excessive regulations and defend affordable housing initiatives on Capitol Hill, in your state and in the communities where you do business. That puts money and time back in your pocket! Plus, NAHB members are kept informed with the prompt regulatory and legislative alerts.

    Critical News and Information through eNewsletter, listservs, online publications, exclusive website content, bulletins and special reports. For more than 60 years, NAHB has been the nation’s leading source for housing industry information. Up-to-date information, when you want it, how you want it!

    Nationally Recognized Educational Programs that give you the tools to gain an edge in the industry. In our competitive marketplace, differentiation is the key to success and NAHB’s nationally recognized education programs offer just that. NAHB Education offers hundreds of educational programs through conferences, courses (both traditional classroom and online) and Webinars. No matter what your specialty is, NAHB has the curriculum, instructors and prestige to boost your success. Learn how to reduce costs, increase your profit margins and effectively deal with today’s toughest issues through NAHB education.

    Access to NAHB’s Team of Expert Advisors who can address your specific business questions. When you become an NAHB member, you get instant access to our distinguished economists, tax experts, legal research staff, business management consultants, financial experts and regulatory and technical specialists

    Exposure to the Latest Building Products and Services through direct contact with industry vendors. As an NAHB member, you attend NAHB’s trade shows and expositions at a low member price and get a first-hand look at all the latest products and services. The International Builders Show TM (IBS) is a business-building experience like no other.

    Industry Publications providing current and useful knowledge. Knowledge is your best defense in this rapidly changing industry. NAHB keeps you up-to-date with targeted news summaries of the housing industry, and a free subscription to Builder Magazine. Plus, members have access to a variety of publications on specific industry segments such as sales and marketing, remodeling, industry economics and more.

    Professional Recognition through a multitude of NAHB groups. Members can enhance their professional credibility and visibility by belonging to one of the nation’s most highly respected and widely known trade associations. Not sure how to do that? Get involved. Join a  committee. Join a council. Attend your membership meetings. Become a Spike. Teach a class. Work on a community service project. Become a Congressional Contact. Do just one of these and you will see professional recognition comes easy when you get involved!

    Valuable Member Discounts through NAHB’s Member Advantage Program. Your membership entitles you to discounts on vehicles, shipping, computers, car rentals, office supplies and more. Participating nationally known companies include GM, FedEx, Office Depot, Dell, and Hertz to name a few. NAHB’s purchasing power means big savings!

    Join more than 140,000 industry professionals who are dedicated to the housing industry. Whether you’re a multi-family or custom builder, a remodeler or a supplier, NAHB membership provides you the tools you need to succeed!

Become an MRBA Member Today!

MRBA New member application

MN River Builders Association Member Benefits & Services

Your 3 in 1 membership with the MRBA includes full membership in the National Association of Home Builders and Builders Association of Minnesota

The MN River Builders Association is here to Serve, Protect and Promote our members’ businesses. We are your Information Center, your Issue Center and your Marketing Center all in one. As an MRBA member, you can stay connected with 145 other local building industry professionals, and as you know, people love to do business with people they know. The MRBA is here to be the voice of the local building industry — we need your voice to make us louder.

The MRBA Serves, Protects and Promotes Your Business!

Contact the MRBA office with any questions you may have about our Member Benefits. Call 507-625-7138 or email at

Membership Meetings: Meet and network with fellow MRBA members affiliated with the local building industry. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month

Meeting Host Opportunities: Host a membership meeting at your business! Members get a chance to tour your facility and learn all about you. Receive extensive recognition in the bi-monthly MRBA E-newsletter and on our Website Events Calendar. You’ll also get a chance to address the members during the meeting.

May Membership Meeting

May Membership Meeting

Tour of Homes: The MRBA Tour of Homes is held two times a year; in the Spring and in the Fall. Contractors showcase their workmanship and market their homes, as well as feature the suppliers and sub-contractors who participated in the project.

Special Events: Participate in the many MRBA special events including the Raw Fusion Fashion Show, the Annual Golf Tournament in June and our Sporting Clay Shoot in the Fall.

Legacy Golf Tournament

Legacy Golf Tournament

Sponsorship Opportunities: Promote your company by sponsoring one of the many MRBA events.

Education: Education classes are held for the members throughout the year. Receive special member discounts on builder licensing continuing education programs.

Education Exhibitor Fair: Builders attend continuing education seminars throughout the day and tour the Exhibitor Fair where members showcase their products exclusively to builders.

Involvement: Be a part of the decision making process for the Association by participating on various Committees.

Legislative and Government Issues: All three member associations at the local, state and national level keep abreast of legislative and government issues that affect the building industry. We strive to protect and serve as a watchdog on issues facing the building industry today.

Builder Day at the Capitol, March 2014

Builder Day at the Capitol

MRBA Website: Members are listed free of charge on the MRBA website A free link to your website is included!

Community Service: The MRBA is committed to serving its community through scholarships, contributions to several local charitable organizations and also supporting the Construction Management Student Association at Minnesota State University.

In 2019, the MRBA donated $40,000 from proceeds of Raw Fusion to the JZ Cancer Fund.

Member Discounts: Take advantage of the many discounts available through the National Association of Home Builders Member Advantage Program including savings from Lowe’s, UPS, Sam’s Club, Office Depot and GM vehicles to name just a few.

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