BAM Update: Engineered Documents and Energy Code Certificates

Tell Your Friends…Engineered Documents and Energy Code Certificates

Builders Association of Minnesota (July 2017)
Remi Stone, Executive Vice President

All too often we get so caught up in the day-to-day mania that little details slip by us and we forget about the benefits of being part of a larger group.  It’s easy to do, and it happens in all the areas of our lives.  This month, BAM reminds you that you are part of a unified statewide organization that comes with tangible benefits.

A large part of BAM’s purpose is to serve as the hub for statewide industry advocacy to drive housing affordability.  BAM is the hub for some pretty darn practical business tools and benefits to help you save money, e.g. driving business affordability, too.

Recently, a long-time builder member was chatting with a fellow non-member builder.  This non-member was expressing discouragement about the cost of code compliance and how challenging it was to deal with alternative drawings and building methods.  (I’m sure you can guess where this is going (provided you know about the benefits of membership…). A conversation was had, and a new member joined the federation.

In my thought-bubble, the conversation went something like this,

“Dude, you really need to be a member!  You’ll get the super great energy code compliance certificate (mandated by the state and prepared by BAM for you to customize to each job) and, get this, annually updated engineered drawings for cantilevered lookout foundations and top of foundation wall support.  Join and you’ll save thousands.”

This new member went to, found the members-only “Regulation” page, and ended up saving a lot of time and thousands of dollars by using Oswell Engineering and Consulting’s 2017 drawings.  I’m pretty sure that once this member saved the engineering fees there may have been enough cash around to use the $500-$1,000 per vehicle rebate to add to the new member’s fleet.

The moral to this story is that your local association executive officer is right when they say it pays to do business member-to-member. It’s a reminder that members have significant influence on those who may not appreciate the value of belonging to a larger group, too.


Since 1974, BAM is the statewide voice of Minnesota’s builders & remodelers. We represent you and your business at the State’s Capitol, regulatory agencies and the courts because industry unity is good business.

Build With Us. 


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