License fees for residential building contractors drop effective July 1, 2015.

Governor Dayton recommended and the legislature approved a reduction of each of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s (DLI) Construction Codes and Licensing Division’s (CCLD) licensing fees. DLI will be reducing licensing costs for the construction industry by more than $3 million over the next two years. For residential building contractors and remodelers license costs will drop by $125.

Residential licensing fees

Residential building contractors and remodelers renew their license every two years. The amount of the residential building contractors and remodelers licensing fee depends on the contractor’s gross annual receipts:


Gross Annual Receipts Old Fee New Fee
$1 million or less  $690.00 $565.00
$1 to 5 million $790.00 $665.00
Over 5 million $890.00 $765.00

Current licenses DLI currently licenses 11,096 residential building contractors and 332 residential remodelers. The only difference between the two license types is that residential remodelers can only work on existing structures while residential building contractors can work on existing structures and new construction.

About the Construction Codes and Licensing Division 

CCLD administers more than 130,000 construction trades and business licenses. Most licenses are issued for two-year terms. CCLD provides reasonable, uniform and balanced standards for Minnesota’s buildings and construction professionals. Its focus is on improving efficiencies in the delivery of licensing, permitting and other services for construction industry stakeholders.

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