New Code Books Coming in September

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August 2014

They’re Here

The new codes are (finally) out. Following a mutli-year process to promulgate the 2012 International Building Code, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) has officially published the final language for the Minnesota Building Code. With the final language in hand, the Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) is adjusting and completing seven code guide documents that will be provided to members-only in September. The code is slated to be enforced starting January 24, 2015.

Membership with the builders association is the only way to obtain a copy of these documents, and as such, BAM will be promoting the code guides – and membership – to all 13,000 licensed contractors. If interested in promoting your company statewide these code guides still have sponsorships available. More at Contact Remi Stone at or Katherine Nielsen at with any questions.

Creating the code documents is codes expert Ed VonThoma, his company Building Knowledge Inc. (BKI), and a committee including: Daniel Buuck, Clay Dietrich, Jon Coty, George Cundy, Terry Hammack, Chad Kompelien, Keith Kylmala, Kevin Maleska, John McGuine, Trace Mills, Monte Mraz, Kathe Ostrom, Mike Paradise, Craig Plekkenpol, Joe Ranweiler, David Werschay, and Howie Zetah. Thank you to these members for genersouly donating their time to help perfect the members-only guides.

The seven code guide documents are:

  • Top 20 Code Changes in the Residential Building Code
  • Top 20 Code Changes in the Energy Code
  • Field Guide to Residential Code
  • Field Guide to Energy Code
  • Field Guide to Radon
  • Field Guide to Foundation Wall Support
  • Field Guide to Residential Fire Sprinklers

A major benefit of membership, these guides are available ONLY to members. DLI issues the codes, but BAM develops guides on how to implement the new codes. The documents will be sent to members and made available on the BAM website; optimized for both printing and easy viewing on your mobile devices out in the field.

Continuing education courses based on these code guides have been assembled by BKI, who is available to teach classes around the state to help members prepare to build to the new code. Let your local association know if you’d like BKI to teach in your community.

If you have industry peers that will benefit from having these guides, tell them to join your local builders association and enjoy 3-in-1 membership to access BAM’s field guides and other value added benefits such as our home builidng industry specific construction contracts. More benefits of BAM membership can be found online at


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