Twinhome Bill Unaminously Passes, Sen. Draheim Leads The Way!

Passing 65-0, BAM’s 2017 #1 legislative priority is heading to the Governor’s desk. Let’s help get it signed.

I am thrilled to let you know that the Senate unanimously passed HF792, legislation directing DLI to conduct expedited rulemaking to ensure that twinhomes are not required to have prohibitively costly sprinkler systems.

Even more sweet is that Senator Draheim (R-Madision Lake) choose this bill as his first piece of legislation to move off the Senate floor. Thank you, Senator Draheim!

As a freshman legislator and someone who comes from the industry, we can’t be more pleased to be part of the team that made today a success for Senator Draheim. The success of his “maiden voyage” speaks to the importance of the industry’s advocacy, a great lobbying team on the ground, and working relationships with the fire service and DLI.  

In addition, we are particularly thankful for Senator Kent Eken (DFL-Moorhead) and his undaunted efforts in moving this bill forward. His efforts and the bi-partisan support of this bill underscores how important housing is to policy makers from around the state.

Through BAM and its members’ efforts, Minnesota’s legislators understand that the state’s policy and regulatory culture will continue to keep housing costs high unless we, as a state, collectively act to change our culture and work to make sure a wide variety of owner-occupied housing options remain with in the reach of Minnesotans. This bill is evidence of that work.

The House is expected to concur on a technical amendment adopted by the Senate and then the bill will be sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature.   

Members are encouraged to reach out to the Governor’s office and respectfully request his signature on this important piece of legislation…it’s all about making sure families in Minnesota have access to a wide variety of housing options and this bill is a huge step in that direction. Call to leave a message supporting the Governor’s signature of HF792 at 651-201-3400 or 800-657-3717 or fill out an email form by clicking here. 

Thank you for all you do to support the industry and BAM.  It is a pleasure to work for such a dynamic industry.  Remi


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